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"Join us for our FREE
9th Annual YL Success Summit!"
Bringing you 50+ YL Leaders, Teachers, Speakers & Educators,
experts in their respective field, passionately sharing timely and
relevant information to help you Build Your Business &
become a Product Professional while learning from the BEST!
Did you miss the Summit? Register here for the   
72-Hour Encore 
on March 24th to 26th
NOTE: This is an Independent Distributor run event 
and not "Young Living Corporate".
Did you miss the Summit? Register here for the   
72-Hour Encore 
on March 24th to 26th
NOTE: This is an Independent Distributor run event 
and not "Young Living Corporate".
" Check out our PAID Packages "
We have you covered with 4 options this year
  • Option 1:  Join VIP Annual and receive digital downloads FREE. (for first 50 people) Regular VIP Price $297
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  • ​ Option 4:   All Access Digital Pass
Learn More about our Summit Specials Below!"
Introducing all NEW content for our 8th Summit...
One of the most HIGHLY Attended 
YL Independent Distributor 
Online Training & Resource On The Planet.  

Building Your YL Essential Oil Business & Becoming A Product Professional Has Never Been Easier!
Bringing you 20-30 presentations from YL Leaders, Teachers, Speakers & Educaters,
experts in their respective field, passionately sharing timely and
relevant information to help you Build Your Business &
become a Product Professional while learning from the BEST!
The YL Success Summit is a complete virtual training platform that is designed for you to get access to some of the BEST Young Living training in the world.  All from the comfort of your home.

Say goodbye to traveling, accommodation and transportation expenses!  We've designed a state of the art training platform that is design to do ONE THING - help you create a widely successful Young Living Essential Oils business (on your time).

When we put the YL SUCCESS SUMMIT online training program together we had FOUR goals in mind:  
  • GOAL #1 - Bring together the BEST OF THE BEST speakers, leaders, researchers, and educators in the Young Living Community. Though a one-of-a-kind, online oily extravaganza.
  • GOAL #2​- Serve hundreds of thousands of YL Members who are business minded and health conscious by giving them an EASY TO ACCESS, convenient to attend and cost efficient way to learn and grow their businesses.
  • GOAL #3 - Make it easy to access with no traveling, no accommodation or transportation expenses. No STRESSING OUT over if you can even attend the event due to your schedule. No reason to not attend this event, because you attend it ONLINE - NO EXCUSES!
  • GOAL #4 - Ensure that those who attended the YL Success Summit, as well as those who were not able to make the live presentations, are able to access and listen to the presentations over and over again at YOUR own leisure. This way you can literally ACCESS OVER 500 HOURS OF TRAINING and become a oily expert and savvy leader from the comfort of your own living room, gym, office, morning commute or anywhere you can access the internet!
So how does it work?
We offer

Dear Young Living Friend,

Do you find yourself spending thousands of dollars on conferences each year? Are you living out of a suitcase for many weekends as you learn the latest and greatest in Essential Oil Product knowledge and business building ideas? 

Are you traveling around the country by plane, trains and all sorts of automobiles? Are you the kind of person that will travel to the ends of the earth, (just like Gary Young has) – to find the good stuff?

Are you searching for life changing, mind bending and conscious expanding information that will transform your life, your families life, your team's lives and those that you have a sphere of influence on?

If so, then keep reading because I have some GREAT NEWS for you that will dramatically help you with your Young Living Essential Oil experience & grow your business. 

You're going to find that these trainings that are part of the YL Success Summit have been designed EXACTLY with you in mind.  

You see, I'm a lot like you;
I'm a leader.  
I'm a passionate product user.
I walk the talk, and I'm living and breathing what we do in Young Living!

I'm dedicated to Young Living and I'm committed to reaching the TOP.

And I'm going to do this with you.  Alongside you, in the trenches and taking action "bringing the oils to every home in the world!"

Be sure to take a quick look at the amazing presenters & topics in this year's YL Success Summit that you're going to be learning from!

Dr Jim Bob Haggerton

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So how does it work?
We offer


Have a look at who is joining us SO FAR to present
for the 9th YLSS! More to come!!
Dr Jim Bob Haggerton
Dannette Goodyear
Jodie Meschuk
Melissa Poepping
Chase Harrison
Jessica Jacobs
Megan Trombly
Dr Cindy Haggerton
Deborah Garofalo
Cherie Ross
Laurie Azzarella
Jen Jordan 
Heather Brock
Annie Hauser 
Ben Riley
David Trombly
Ryan Mcmanus
Carla Green
Mary Young
Vicki Opfer
Cy Tidwell
Do you even iTOVi?
"The #1 Reason People Do NOT Have Success in Their Young Living Essential Oil Business and How YOU Can Avoid It!"
(Start using this ONE TIP today and watch your Young Living Essential Oil business start growing very quickly.)
I've worked with hundreds of people throughout my Young Living Essential Oil career. One of the biggest killers and what causes people to NOT have success in their Young Living business is the lack of introducing fresh new prospects into their Young Living Essential Oil business on a consistent basis.

I know how it feels. Most of the time the fear of talking about Young Living stems from NOT feeling confident in knowing all about the Young Living Essential Oils and how to correctly use them.  Not to mention ensuring that you remain 100% COMPLIANT as you share your passion with others, whether that’s sharing online or a one on one conversation with your best friend!

From the business side of things, it comes from not feeling confident in explaining the Young Living business. Not to worry, because we've got something here that will HELP YOU soar with confidence when talking with anyone about your Young Living Essential Oil business opportunity or amazing product testimonial!

Here's what I've found...

If you're not constantly talking to people daily and moving them to a call-to-action and exposing your Young Living Essential Oil business, you'll soon find yourself stressed out, frustrated, and wondering how you're going to pay the bills.

I've been there. I know what it's like to have to figure out this "Young Living Essential Oil business" or there's no check coming in this month. 

At this point, people do one of two things:  

1) They just give up and Young Living Essential Oil business. 

OR ...

2) They seek out leaders in Young Living who are MASTERS at building this business and using the products! 

They say that 10,000 hours at a specific craft is mastery. I've invested more than 10,000 hours in my Young Living Essential Oil business (along with my other health and mareting businesses). 

We've put something together here with the YL SUCCESS SUMMIT that can HELP YOU HIT YOUR GOALS and have the lifestyle you've been looking for... but it's going to take work on your part. 

There are NO SHORTCUTS! 

If you're ready to have a WILDLY SUCCESS Young Living Essential Oil business and SPEED UP your YL education, then you'll want to get FULL ACCESS to this years new online summit.
Interested in becoming a YL Success Summit presenter?
This is not a corporate run event or Affiliated App.  
We are Young Living Independent Distributors, serving our fellow Young Living Distributors.  
If you have questions, please email us at [email protected]
or call 1.877.577.7544 Ext 2 or 0
"SPEED UP Your Young Living Essential Oil Training and Start Making REAL Money in YOUR Business!"
(Never before has it been so EASY to become a PRO.)
You'll get access to all the trainings (OVER 150 HOURS) so you can start becoming a TRUE Young Living professional and start creating the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

The days of NOT building your Young Living Essential Oil business are OVER! We'll be with you every step of the way. No longer will you feel alone and unsure of what to do next. Think of the YL SUCCESS SUMMIT as your Young Living coach. We're here to help you TAKE YOUR Young Living GAME to the next level.

The RESULTS you'll see from taking massive action with our new "YL SUCCESS SUMMIT" training will be amazing ... not to mention extremely profitable for you and your team!

Plus, when you get started with our training today YOU HAVE NO RISK. Why? Because I'm so confident that this training will dramatically change your Young Living Essential Oil business for the better, I'm giving you a 100% NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED 30-day money back guarantee.  
You have NO-RISK at all and everything to gain.

Imagine how it's going to feel when you're constantly bringing aboard fresh new customers and prospects into your Young Living Essential Oil business on a DAILY BASIS! Not by chance or accident, but because YOU NOW HAVE THE SKILLS to take charge of your Young Living Essential Oil business.

Don't wait another minute. Get this YL SUCCESS SUMMIT Training right now and let's get your Young Living Essential Oil business off to a GREAT START this month!
  • YOU GET:Over 70 YL Success Summit VIDEO trainings that will take you from newbie to elite Young Living professional FASTER than anything else. Once you take ACTION on your new SKILLS and Knowledge you'll find yourself building a SUCCESSFUL Young Living Essential Oil business in no time at all.  The value of these video trainings alone is right around $997.00. But, you'll be getting this for a fraction of the price today.
  • YOU GET: All the AUDIO Trainings also.​Now you'll be able to take these amazing high impact YL SUCCESS SUMMIT trainings on the go. We created a state of the art digital training centre that allows you to access all of this money making information from any desktop computer or mobile device. The value of these audio trainings alone is also right around $697.00. But, you'll be getting this for FREE when you buy today.
  • YOU GET:All the WRITTEN TRANSCRIPTS! For those of you who would like to read instead of watching the videos or listing to the audios. My team and I have produced these EASY TO READ transcripts so you can consume this training in this modality. The value of these PDF trainings alone is also right around $267.00. But, you'll be getting this for FREE also when you buy today.
  • YOU GET: Digital Download Rights for all content above! The best part about the way this online event is structured is that you will receive INSTANT DOWNLOAD ACCESS once the material is released right after the live even Oct.16-29th.  This way you will own the material for LIFE, so that you can step up your mental game and take your product experience and business to the NEXT LEVEL.  You'll also be getting this for FREE also when you buy today!
  • YOU GET: 12 month Online Viewing Access!  Let's just say that for some strange reason, that you don't want to download this life changing content to your computer.   You will have access to view all the presentations, listen to all of the audio trainings and read all of the transcripts without taking up any additional space on your computer or taking the time to download anything.  Just log in, pick your presentation and change your life everyday!  You'll also be getting this for FREE also when you buy today!
  • OPTIONAL: Flash Drive with all Content pre-loaded & sent directly to you!​  Some people don't want to spend any time downloading the content, or using up their wifi or data access by watching it all online.   If that's you, then you need the Flash Drive!  All of the Video presentations, Audio Presentations & Written Transcripts are conveniently loaded onto it for you to take on the go and access from any computer that has  USB port.  You'll be receiving this as an option when you checkout below!
  • And So Much More...
The #1 Rated Young Living Independent Distributor Training Resource On The Planet. Building Your Young Living Essential Oil Business Has Never Been Easier!
(This an exclusive Young Living Independent Distributor run event.)
I have a quick question for you... 

What would it be worth to you, if you started consistently bringing aboard a minimum of TWO new people per week into your Young Living Essential Oil business after taking action on these trainings?

It's really hard to put a value on this powerful game-changing training. I'm personally still earning an income on people that I recruited years ago. That's the beauty of the Young Living Essential Oil business and one of the reasons I love this company so much.

With that said, the value of this program is easily worth $497.00, but because my team and I are so excited to share the YL SUCCESS SUMMIT with you (and I know how it will change your Young Living business for the better), we've decided to price this so everyone who is SERIOUS about their Young Living Essential Oil career can get access for 12 months for only $297.00!

Let's get started right now and keep in mind...
I'm very excited for you because I know once you start taking action on this powerful training system, your ability to grow your Young Living Essential Oil business will skyrocket!

I look forward to hearing your success story — and I'll see you inside the members training area.

To your success,
Barney, Adrienne & McKenna Kuntze
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